Hello there!

My name is Marie Albiges, I’m so excited to be joining the Women Leading Travel & Hospitality team as a senior editor to help serve this amazing community of women.

I’m a French native who moved to the U.S. when I was young thanks to adventurous parents. I’ve lived on the East Coast most of my life and am now settled in Philadelphia, where my partner, his three-year-old daughter, our dog and I are on a mission to try every cheesesteak this town has to offer.

With family and friends all over Europe, travel has always been a part of my DNA, but I couldn’t fully grasp how tremendous this community is. Now that I’ve joined the Women Leading Travel & Hospitality team, I’m in awe of the trailblazers leading the industry through the most unusual challenges.

I know you’re all facing some tough conversations and decisions as the world opens back up again, including labor shortages, supply scarcities, recruitment setbacks, etc.

While I’m sure it feels like you’re drinking from a firehose, I hope you can use this community of women leaders to commiserate, lift each other up, and share your successes. Women Leading Travel & Hospitality has so many resources to help you navigate these challenges together, and I’m honored to be a part of the team.

And after a year of feeling stuck on an island that is my home office, I’m so looking forward to getting together in person and meeting all of you.  In the meantime, drop me a line (malbiges@napco.com) with how I can help make your Women Leading Travel & Hospitality experience better.