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Harnessing the Power of Gratitude


As the holidays and new year come upon us, this is my favorite time to reflect on everything that has happened throughout the year. In particular, I like to assess what I’m grateful for, both on a grander scale as well as on a day-to-day basis. Amy Morin said it best, “Being thankful can have...

Why Companies Need to Stop Slapping a Wellness Label on Their Values and Start Getting Authentic


You shouldn’t have a wellness program just because it’s the popular thing to do, just like why you shouldn’t offer yoga sessions, wellness apps, and healthy lunch options to your wellness program initiative and call it a day. Simply incorporating well-being into your company’s core values isn’t going to cut it anymore. The last year-and-a-half...

How to Foster Engagement and Belonging Within Your Organization


At Women Leading Travel & Hospitality’s sister brand’s 2021 Women in Retail Leadership Summit, Right Management/Talent Solutions coaches Danielle Beauparlant Moser, Christy Silva, CC Cameron, and Bonnie Diamond asked workshop participants to brainstorm ways to positively engage with co-workers, friends and bosses in their organizations. The following is a compilation of responses from dozens of the workshop’s attendees:...

Payments is Powering the Digital Acceleration of the Hospitality Industry and Creating New Opportunities


With the U.S. and Canada reopening, hospitality brands are experiencing their first real waves of recovery driven largely by domestic leisure travel. Hotels are filling their rooms again, especially on weekends, but being prepared for today’s guest expectations requires more than extra sanitizing. While there’s lots of talk about “reinvention” for this industry, I see...

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