April is Diversity Month. Though the month-long celebration is coming to a close, Women Leading Travel & Hospitality is committed to recognizing and celebrating people of diverse backgrounds year-round.

We’re passionate about focusing on and sharing specific steps leaders can take to promote diversity, inclusion and equity. Many organizations discuss the topic — we want to take action toward positive change.

Members of the D&I panel we’re hosting at our May 20 Virtual Exchange will share their own initiatives and suggested resources. You can register for that complimentary event here. In the meantime, delve into this valuable resource from the panel’s moderator, Radhika Papandreou, senior client partner, Korn Ferry.

According to the report, an inclusive leader must possess the skills to lead inclusively. Korn Ferry research identified the competencies that are essential for inclusive leadership. It also used empirical analysis to organize those competencies into clusters, referred to as “The 5 Disciplines of the Inclusive Leader.” They are:

  1. Builds Interpersonal Trust … is honest and follows through; establishes rapport by finding common ground while simultaneously able to value perspectives that differ from own.
  2. Integrates Diverse Perspectives … considers all points of view and needs of others; skillfully navigates conflict situations.
  3. Optimizes Talent … motivates others and supports their growth; joins forces for collective success across differences.
  4. Applies an Adaptive Mindset … takes a broad worldview; adapts approach to suit situation; innovates by leveraging differences.
  5. Achieves Transformation … willing to confront difficult topics; brings people of all backgrounds along to achieve results.

It takes a comprehensive plan, grounded in the assessment and development of key leadership traits and competencies, to foster inclusive leadership, the report notes.

“This then can in turn inspire an inclusive mindset shift and capability development throughout the organization to attain a more diverse workforce and realize its full potential,” the report concludes.

Is there a report or other resource on diversity and inclusion that you recommend? Let us know!