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Kelly Kuhn

Kelly Kuhn has spent 30+ years as a global executive in the travel industry. She’s a versatile, transformative leader who thrives on new challenges, which has led to six C-level leadership roles while living in four countries. Kelly is a dynamic and charismatic leader who has fostered loyalty and trust with customers, partners, and governmental organizations at all levels while developing high-performing teams with strong employee engagement. A global citizen, Kelly currently lives in London and enjoys the arts, travel and spending time with family.

A Closer Look at the I in DEI: Why Inclusion Matters


While so much uncertainty continues when it comes to COVID-19, one thing is more important now than ever: As we continue to examine what it means to value and care for others, there’s a call for a greater focus on inclusion. We hear the terms “diversity, equity, and inclusion” in our everyday lives, but these...

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable


When you have the business knowledge, relationships, and expertise to do your job well, it’s easy to get comfortable and resist breaking out of your comfort zone. But to be an effective leader, that’s exactly what you need to do. Successful leaders have a unique ability to get comfortable being uncomfortable, maintaining a sense of...