Are you going to work across town or across your hallway today? Several of us have already returned to corporate offices, while others are gearing up to do so soon, while still others may never go back on a permanent basis.

As companies continue preparing to have their employees return to offices and headquarters, go fully remote, or some hybrid of the two, there are many unknowns. As such, we asked executives from leading brands across both the retail and travel and hospitality industries how they’re navigating the many challenges and questions that come with defining a new way to work. They responded with honest and actionable answers.

Women Leading Travel & Hospitality and its sister brand, Women in Retail Leadership Circle, have produced a comprehensive checklist for executives who are creating a back-to-office strategy. Whether you need to develop a communication plan, identify new technology to optimize the performance of hybrid and/or remote workers, re-evaluate employee compensation and benefits, or simply want to know what everyone else is doing, this report is for you!

Download the full report to find:

  • an in-depth checklist with return-to-office execution plans and guidelines;
  • insights from retail and hospitality executives, including advice, principles, and action items;
  • safe and effective plans for the future of work;
  • and so much more!

Executives interviewed include Nikki Krishnamurthy, chief people officer, Uber; Laura L. Lee, chief human resources officer, MGM Resorts International; Brynn Evanson, chief human resources officer, Michaels; among others.

Do you relate to what is featured in the report? How is your back-to-office experience going? Let us know!