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Business Strategy

To survive in today’s economic climate, travel and hospitality organizations must stay on the cutting edge of technology, business strategy, and more. This section focuses on industry trends and technologies, marketing strategies, customer experience best practices, and more!

How to Build World-Changing Partnerships


The entire travel industry is focused on the moment when travel fully returns. As we collectively reimagine the way people move and engage with one another around the world, we’re collectively experiencing a tremendous opportunity to use travel for good.   We’ve arrived at an interesting inflection point: business good and social good are now inseparable....

How Hospitality Businesses Can Plate Up 5-Star Safety


Hospitality is undoubtedly one of the toughest industries. The work is high-pressure and profit margins can be wafer-thin. But when everything goes to plan, good hospitality is like nothing else. Despite being one of the hardest hit sectors by the economic stress wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry has proven over and over...

5 Lodging Trends and Predictions for 2021


As the world struggles to control the spread of COVID-19, the travel and lodging sectors continue to navigate the unprecedented turbulence and major business challenges delivered by the virus. Digital travel sales in the U.S. aren’t expected to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels until 2022. Even with the promise of a return to a new...

Your Checklist for Business Survival in a Crisis


The COVID-19 pandemic hit the travel and hospitality landscape hard, with precautionary orders and cautious consumer behavior impacting all aspects of industry business. It remains important for business leaders to take steps that enable their teams to navigate this continuing crisis carefully and deliberately. To help you survive this fluid situation, we looked to Liz...