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Business Strategy

To survive in today’s economic climate, travel and hospitality organizations must stay on the cutting edge of technology, business strategy, and more. This section focuses on industry trends and technologies, marketing strategies, customer experience best practices, and more!

America Reopens: Supporting Hospitality With New Tech


Walk around any town or city at the moment and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s 2019 again. As summer kicks into gear and vaccination rates rise, American hospitality is back in business.  Recent research by SafetyCulture and YouGov showed that, encouragingly, consumer confidence continues to rise. Only 23 percent of respondents expressed a level...

3 Ways Tech Innovation Will Help the Hospitality Industry


I’m new to the hospitality space, having joined Chexology last November. I’ve met with many seasoned professionals in various hospitality verticals since then, and nearly every single one of them has told me “the hospitality industry is notorious for not innovating.” Here’s the funny thing: The hospitality industry has probably innovated more in the last...

How to Build World-Changing Partnerships


The entire travel industry is focused on the moment when travel fully returns. As we collectively reimagine the way people move and engage with one another around the world, we’re collectively experiencing a tremendous opportunity to use travel for good.   We’ve arrived at an interesting inflection point: business good and social good are now inseparable....

How Hospitality Businesses Can Plate Up 5-Star Safety


Hospitality is undoubtedly one of the toughest industries. The work is high-pressure and profit margins can be wafer-thin. But when everything goes to plan, good hospitality is like nothing else. Despite being one of the hardest hit sectors by the economic stress wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry has proven over and over...

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