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Have an idea that you want to transform into a startup company? The content featured in this category offers you the opportunity to learn about the stories of how women design, launch and run their own businesses. Get tips, actionable advice, and other valuable information from women who have been there and done that, helping to turn your dream into a reality.

Why Hotel Ownership is an Opportunity for Women


We all know that building a strong balance sheet is the smart move towards future well-being, but how to accomplish that is less clear, especially since women are typically presented with only a “save more approach.” Thanks to changes in banking policies and cultural shifts around women’s roles in economic development, it’s time for us...

How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur: Insight From Hera Aviation Group Founder Jessica Webster


Hera Aviation Group is a coaching and development-based consultancy group and nonprofit organization. It works with individuals, organizations and industry to transform culture by cultivating connections that disrupt the status quo of today’s workplace and empower women and primary caregivers to grow their careers in aviation. We asked Founder and President Jessica Webster a set...

5 Tips for Aspiring 'Mompreneurs'


A little more than three years ago, I was living in a New York City apartment, about to give birth to my first child and simultaneously launch a startup called The Groomsman Suit. The thought of becoming a “mompreneur” was exciting and completely terrifying at the same time. The responsibilities that come with children and family...