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Have an idea that you want to transform into a startup company? The content featured in this category offers you the opportunity to learn about the stories of how women design, launch and run their own businesses. Get tips, actionable advice, and other valuable information from women who have been there and done that, helping to turn your dream into a reality.

Castell Project's Peggy Berg and She Has a Deal's Tracy Prigmore on Jumping Into Entrepreneurship


In this clip from Women Leading Travel & Hospitality’s May Virtual Exchange,  Peggy Berg and Tracy Prigmore talk about taking the leap into hotel ownership and risk-taking, as well as the different paths for making business deals. Berg co-chairs Fortuna’s Table, an initiative enabling women to build their balance sheets through hotel ownership. She also...

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How to Invest Like a Woman


If you’re like many investors, you’re probably putting money into funds that own stocks, bonds, commodities and other assets from all over the world. That’s good, because history has shown that investing in the markets is one of the best ways to grow your money and reach long-term financial goals. But have you ever taken...

Meet the Co-Founders and Twin Sisters Empowering 'Travelpreneurs' at Habitats by Kat


Habitats by Kat (HBK) co-founders Kat Friedman and Sam Heyer are consultant members of Women Leading Travel & Hospitality. HBK is a travel entrepreneur (“travelpreneur”) community providing the necessary platforms for those interested in building their own travel business and brand at an affordable cost. It’s the first travel community that focuses on real estate....

How Travel Industry Veteran Vicki Bjerke-Schuur Leveraged Pandemic Problems to Launch Her Business


Vicki Bjerke-Schuur, a travel industry veteran, is the founder and president of FerskTech, a business travel SaaS company reinventing corporate travel sourcing technology. With more than 25 years experience in the industry, Bjerke-Schuur has a background in sourcing and managing hotel programs for TMC clients, delivering analytical support for corporate clients, and building supplier partnerships....

Why Hotel Ownership is an Opportunity for Women


We all know that building a strong balance sheet is the smart move towards future well-being, but how to accomplish that is less clear, especially since women are typically presented with only a “save more approach.” Thanks to changes in banking policies and cultural shifts around women’s roles in economic development, it’s time for us...

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