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Executive Professional Development

The content featured below was created to help leaders and managers build the skills and gain the knowledge they need to boost their professional performance. Topics covered in this section include managing interpersonal relationships, developing listening skills, having empathy, improving communication skills, delegating effectively, empowering employees, among others.

How to Embrace the Chaos


Travel leads all of us into an exciting, chaotic, often unpredictable world. That uncertainty changes us — forcing us to grow beyond what we know to become someone stronger, wiser and more resilient. At Terranea last September, we had the privilege of hearing from DeDe Halfhill, a retired Colonel from the United States Air Force....

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3 Tactics for Women to Tackle Imposter Syndrome


Best-selling author, speaker and executive coach Nancy Medoff has literally “written the book” on women and confidence. In this video, she debunks imposter syndrome and shares her nontraditional take on the issue. Specifically, Medoff shares three tactics for overcoming imposter syndrome: Remind yourself, feelings are not facts. Redirect your anxiety into excited energy. Recall a...

4 Ways We Can Help Women Win in STEM


Despite the recent push for gender equality in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers, women are still the minority in these fields. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but there are tangible actions we can all take to balance the scales. The last decade has brought a surge in awareness and support for young women who...

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