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Executive Professional Development

The content featured below was created to help leaders and managers build the skills and gain the knowledge they need to boost their professional performance. Topics covered in this section include managing interpersonal relationships, developing listening skills, having empathy, improving communication skills, delegating effectively, empowering employees, among others.

How to Negotiate Like a Ninja


Confidence impacts outcomes. You know this, you believe this, you’ve seen this. Now the question is, how can you leverage this? Or, how can you gain and then leverage confidence in your next negotiation? When we tie confidence to negotiations, we’re not talking about a “go for the jugular approach” or being confident that you...

Women Cannot Have it All


Ah, the elusive unicorn, the dream, the holy grail.  What all women strive for: Work + Life = Balance. When I’m speaking to a large group, I’m often asked the same question around how I manage work/life balance. My response is always simple, and usually not well received. “I don’t,” I answer. “Work/life balance is...

'Excuse Me, I’m Speaking'


“Excuse me, I’m speaking” became buzzworthy after the 2021 Vice Presidential debate. These five words are how current Vice President Kamala Harris reclaimed her voice, re-centered the attention, and took back the microphone during a high stakes debate. And these five words will go down in history. You’ll notice when watching the brief recap here...

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