After a year-plus of Zoom calls, technical difficulties, and a ton of additional planning to ensure that everyone was meeting safely, I’m overjoyed to say that our very first Women Leading Travel & Hospitality in-person event was a success! Words cannot express how incredibly energizing and exciting it was to be surrounded by such impressive women in the travel and hospitality industry, networking and hearing from speakers across the industry, who shared inspiring stories about their careers and the industry overall. We’re just getting started and are excited to meet more of you at our next event in Dallas in December

This past weekend, the team not only celebrated a successful first event, but also National Women’s Friendship Day. Whether it be a lifelong friend, mother, sister, neighbor, colleague, mentor, or the community at Women Leading Travel & Hospitality, we all know amazing women who have touched our lives in some way.

These are the women who have made a difference, who have impacted and inspired us, wiped our tears, encouraged our dreams, supported us, belly laughed with us, and were honest with us when we weren’t able to be honest with ourselves. These are the women we cannot, and quite frankly are not, interested in making it through life without. So whoever those women are to you, make sure to take that moment from your busy schedule and show the women in your life how much they mean to you.

We understand the bond women share with each other, and the power and strength a strong friendship can add to our lives and overall well-being. National Women’s Friendship Day is a reminder for us as at Women Leading Travel & Hospitality about how unbelievably important it is to continue to grow this community so that there’s a place for all of us through the hard times and incredible moments that life sends our way!