Let’s take a minute to talk about women in technology positions within the travel and hospitality industry.

While the actual number of women in travel tech is hard to come by, in general, it’s safe to say that when it comes to tech professionals, it’s a man’s world. In fact, a recent Accenture report, Cracking the Gender Code, found that the number of women to men in tech roles has declined over the past 35 years, and half of the women who go into the tech fields drop out by the age of 35. In addition, only 21 percent of women said they believed the technology industry was a place they could thrive, the study found.

However, at Women Leading Travel & Hospitality we’re working to change that via a new report called Women in Travel Tech: Innovators Leading Us Into the Future. The report, which will be published this fall, will feature profiles of leading female tech executives in the travel and hospitality industry. Hopefully, by highlighting these women, more women will be inspired to embark on a technology career within the travel and hospitality industry.

However, we need your help! We’d love for our community to provide us with nominees you think deserve to be recognized as leading Women in Travel Tech. Inclusion in the report will be based on an executive woman’s current leadership position and the work she has done implementing and managing technology solutions in the travel and hospitality industry. Do you know a decision maker that should be highlighted in our latest resource? Nominate her here by Sept. 10.

Criteria for inclusion is as follows:

  • C-suite or executive leadership position (vice president and above) within technology at a travel or hospitality company.
  • Helped propel the business forward.
  • Demonstrated excellence, perseverance and innovation throughout the year.
Nominees will be evaluated based on the following:
  • Technology position within a travel or hospitality organization (e.g., hotel, airline, cruise line, online travel agency, shared economy, rail line, car rental, corporate travel)
  • Scope of responsibility within that position
  • Career achievements
  • Involvement within the industry

We appreciate your consideration and look forward to honoring our industry technology leaders.