Employees traveling to a conference in a new city often go straight to their hotel or a convention center. They may not know what’s going on around them, so if they do get any free time, it might not be maximized. Enter MYLE

The app, which stands for Make Your Life Entertaining, not only shares what’s going in a specific area, it allows companies to white page the product(s). It can be branded through a certain company, but powered by MYLE. 

“Companies can say, ‘Hey, we want to provide event information to our employees attending this conference, but would like to limit it to a five- or even two-mile radius,’” MYLE Co-Founder Sherry Lloyd says. “We apply what’s happening in that location and it provides an opportunity for really good target marketing.”

Businesses are also able to expose their brand to other businesses coming to town. The app launched successfully in Ohio as a test market, with a more robust 2.0 version going live this spring. Along with curated, off-the-beaten-path events and activities, it includes COVID-19 indicators for travelers, such as feedback on what businesses may or may not be complying with local regulations. 

“We’re looking at a full rollout to cover the majority of the U.S. by this summer,” notes Lloyd.

Sherry Lloyd, Co-Founder, MYLE

Hotels can use the app to share information about local attractions with guests. For example, when a guest asks a concierge about a place to eat, instead of writing down the name of a restaurant next door, the concierge can recommend the app, which includes a variety of listings for where to dine, shop and more, providing a more comprehensive view of what’s going on nearby. The interface would appear to be presented by the hotel.

Lloyd also plans to partner with airlines. MYLE would be accessible in the cabin and branded to the particular airline. The viewer would be able to search places to eat at their destination while in-flight.

As someone who has been working in the tech startup industry for decades, Lloyd said there have not been many women on the scene, and definitely not many Black women. 

“When I walked into a room, it never looked like me,” recalls Lloyd. “There have been times where I felt I haven’t been heard, but I will say a lot has changed in our country. Just in the last year, people who are generally voiceless are having a voice. People who were ignored are now being noticed and paid more attention.”

This is a prime time for anyone who is looking to enter the travel and entertainment industry, Lloyd advises. 

“There’s no better time than now to push forward,” she says. “Enter this space with your idea, bring it forward, and transform.”