Bonny Simi, founder of JetBlue Technology Ventures, and head of operations and people at Joby Aviation, spoke about how she navigated risks in her career during last month’s Women Leading Travel & Hospitality Virtual Exchange event.

“It was a big risk to leave [United] and go to JetBlue,” recalled Simi. “I didn’t know anybody at all. I was going as a pilot. But I had done a ton of research, and if JetBlue was the kind of company it said it was, I can go and I can rise to my place of potential, whatever that might be.”

In this video clip from Simi’s discussion with Amy Burr, managing director of operations and partnerships at JetBlue Technology Ventures (and Women in Travel & Hospitality advisory board member), she speaks about her decision to join JetBlue after rising to rank of senior captain at United Airlines, and how she continued to grow in her new role.

“I kept raising my hand — and that’s something that we as women don’t do as much of as we should — and really leaning in. I gradually moved up through the organization [over] 17 years.”

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