Everyone deserves the chance to experience an outdoor adventure, connect with nature, and travel the world. Kara Richardson Whitely is on a mission to ensure that the 67 percent of women larger than size 12 are included and welcomed by brands in the outdoor adventure space. She’s a plus-size adventurer, speaker, influencer, innovator and author of several books, including “Gorge: My Journey Up Kilimanjaro at 300 Pounds,” a soon-to-be major motion picture produced by Amazon Studios and starring Chrissy Metz.

In this video, Richardson Whitely shares the challenges she’s faced pursuing work and outdoor activities as a plus-size woman, and what she wants decision makers in the travel and hospitality industry to know about connecting with the plus-size market. Richardson Whitely discusses how women can support one another to combat stigmas around plus-size adventurers as well as how women can love themselves and be confident, sharing her personal journey to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro three times.