Working moms are the backbone of our society, yet face challenges balancing responsibilities between work and home life as well as finding time for themselves. After becoming a mom herself, Whitnee Hawthorne, vice president of customer support at JetBlue Airways, decided she needed to find a way to support and guide other working moms in creating vibrant lives for themselves and their families. She founded The Savvy Working Mom and became a speaker, author and certified career coach, helping women realize their full power and potential.

In this video, Women Leading Travel & Hospitality Brand Director Hannah DeMaio speaks with Whitnee about why it’s essential for women to be fully present in every moment to experience more joy; how working mothers can stop feeling guilty at work and at home; and why she empowers women with the term “work-life harmony” instead of “work-life balance.” Whitnee also shares how moms can ensure that the new post-pandemic remote and hybrid work environment, which blends our caretaking and work worlds, is a positive change in their lives.