You can’t control what happens a lot of the time, but you always have a choice about how you react and respond. 

Instead of going on about their problems, my favorite people are the sort who talk through issues in order to resolve them. Sure, we all need a good venting session sometimes, but eventually the wine glass is empty and it’s time to decide your first step toward achieving whatever different outcome it is you’re desiring.

We had our Women Leading Travel & Hospitality peer call for members last week, and I left it with so much admiration for this group! Everyone was talking about what they’re doing right now to improve a variety of issues. Challenges shared include difficult guests who seemingly forgot how to travel or possess manners; hiring new staff; retaining top talent; and more. These are certainly frustrating situations, but the members used our meeting time to share tips and actionable steps with each other to help overcome these issues. These women aren’t complainers, they’re doers and fixers. They discussed incentives that have worked to maintain staff, what it’s really like to outsource, and so much more valuable information. 

The undertone of our chat was one of optimism and encouragement. The members also shared tips for avoiding burnout, and reminded each other that to care for a team one must first care for themselves. We all know self-care is necessary, but sometimes you need another woman, or 20, reassuring you of its importance. And, of course, providing examples of specific actions that can be taken. 

Do you have professional or personal tips to share? Or do you need a sounding board for a challenge you’re trying to tackle? If so, become a Women Leading Travel & Hospitality member! We’d love for you to join our community and conversations.